Monday, 29 November 2010

What's to come for the PS3 in 2011

I've always owned the Playstation iterations throughout the gaming generations that I've lived through and the PS3 is no exception. I don't claim that it's better than the Xbox or has better games but I just prefer it.

That aside, I read this blog post about what exclusives are coming to the PS3 in the next year and fuck me, I'm excited. Now if I can just find a job so I can afford all of these...

I'm probably most excited about Resistance 3 and the Ico/SoC remakes. I would say I'm looking forward to The Last Guardian but that game seems so far away I don't want to mess myself up thinking about it.

Any Sony bros out there? What are you looking forward to?

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Well, shit.

Fucking hell I haven't posted in a month and a half. I forgot how hectic university life can be. I apologise loyal followers (lol). Have this video as my way of an apology:

This right here is why I fucking hate Nintendo sometimes. Also Jedward can suck a massive dick.