Thursday, 30 September 2010

Moving Tomorrow

So today I'm packing up all my belongings because I'm heading back to university tomorrow. It's a highly boring process and thus I won't talk about it much at all. Instead I'll post an old comic I drew a while back as I unfortunately don't have the time for anything new ;_;

It's just a quickie, and tomorrow's will be as well but once I'm set up in the new house I'll post better stuff, I promise :D

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

About the blog title...

Basically my friend went to Japan recently and brought me back the most obscure gift he could. This is what he bought. Apparently they're all the rage. Towels. In a cup.

First comic of the new era. Let me know what you think you ballbags.

Posting Again

Well I've decided to start making comics again so there will be a few hitting the blog in the near future. Maybe one a day, maybe three a week, maybe one a week. See how I feel.

Here's a cool video in the mean time: