Wednesday, 6 October 2010

All Moved In

So I'm finally all moved in. Haven't unpacked my clothes because I'm lazy but sorted my room out otherwise and got the internet up and running. Living. The. Dream.

Anyway not having the internet for a few days has been really weird. I'm so used to having it all the time that I felt really weird and disconnected from everything. That being said it gave me time to watch some stuff that I've had on my hard drive for a while now, namely the first season of Modern Family.

This show is actually way funnier than I anticipated. The ads on TV here made it look like it was gonna be some lame American sitcom (I'm gonna use Everybody Loves Raymond as an example of a lame American sitcom) but I actually found myself cracking up at it. So basically everyone with a sense of humour should watch this show. It's surprising clever even if a little cheesy at the end of every episode where they do the "life lesson" montage like in Scrubs.

Pictures of the new house coming soon! Am now going to catch up on everyone's blogs and get back to the blogger universe,

Friday, 1 October 2010


So after being so lazy with the packing yesterday I ended up being awake all night doing it. I've now had 3 hours sleep ahead of a really long day ;_; Oh well, I only have myself to blame. Unfortunately I found out we don't even have internet at the new house so I won't be able to read the updates to everyone's blog today but I will make an effort to get to a house with internet to do so tomorrow.

ANYWAY after all that boring stuff here's something that made me laugh, though not made by me:

So yeah, will be updating with better stuff and actually reading you guys' blogs when I'm set up at the new house. Also someone mentioned they wanted to see pictures of my new house (I think maybe one person said it in passing) so I will put some pictures up when I can :D